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Research team develops nanoparticle-based sonodynamic therapy for H. pylori infection   Mathematicians prove Pólya's conjecture for the eigenvalues of a disk, a 70-year-old math problem   Here Come the AI Worms   New software rapidly simulates glycoprotein structures to speed up drug development   Producing quantum materials with precision, with the help of AI   Waymo can now charge for robotaxi rides in LA and on San Francisco freeways   Waymo Will Bring Autonomous Taxis to Los Angeles—Its Biggest Challenge Yet   Ultraleap is bringing haptic touch to cars and VR headsets   New insights on how galaxies are formed   New maser in a 'shoebox' promises portable precision   Physicists suggest a possible way to confirm or deny the existence of the Chinguetti meteorite   Umbrella for atoms: The first protective layer for 2D quantum materials   AI technique promotes green hydrogen production using more abundant chemical elements   Scientists make nanoparticles dance to unravel quantum limits   ALMA Telescope Detects “At Least 3 Times” More Water Than On Earth In A Nearby Protoplanetary Disk   New class of 2D material displays stable charge density wave at room temperature   New laser experiment spins light like a merry-go-round   AI chip startup Groq forms new business unit, acquires Definitive Intelligence   An augmented reality assessment designed to test astronaut adjustment to gravity changes   The Earth's Crust Flipped Upside Down in This Spot, Scientists Find   Huge funding round makes “Figure” Big Tech’s favorite humanoid robot company   Precision pulmonary medicine: Engineers target lung disease with lipid nanoparticles   Good Climate Solutions Need Good Policy—and AI Can Help With That   Amazon-Owned Health Clinics Reportedly Training AI Chatbot to Triage Patients   Unraveling the structural dynamics of photosystem II with femtosecond X-ray crystallography   Team finds novel vehicle for antibiotic resistance   Chemical etching method opens pores for fuel cells and more   Researcher discovers novel way to double computer speeds for free — but there is an obvious catch and it may only work with Nvidia GPU and Arm CPU for now   It's not only opposites that attract: New study shows like-charged particles can come together   Researchers use GPS-tracked icebergs in novel study to improve climate models   Researchers observe the effect of magnetic fields on electrocatalytic processes   High-resolution simulations provide new insights into how galaxies are formed   New study unveils unique roles of yeast protein complexes in cellular lifespan   AgZen’s RealCoverage wants to keep pesticides only where they are needed   Adobe’s latest AI experiment generates music from text   Study shows glacier shrinkage is causing a 'green transition'   How signaling proteins get to the mitochondrial surface   Evidence of phonon chirality from impurity scattering in the antiferromagnetic insulator strontium iridium oxide   Study finds vulnerability in pelagic ecosystems   Compete or cooperate? Five deep tech investors opt for shared gain over sharp elbows   The Samsung Galaxy Ring may get up to nine days of battery   Brown bears digging up artificial forests, study shows   Climate Change on Track to Unearth Buried Nuclear Waste, Officials Warn   Fisker halts work on new EV models until it finds more money