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Research team develops nanoparticle-based sonodynamic therapy for H. pylori infection

Mathematicians prove Pólya's conjecture for the eigenvalues of a disk, a 70-year-old math problem

Here Come the AI Worms

New software rapidly simulates glycoprotein structures to speed up drug development

Producing quantum materials with precision, with the help of AI

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Hey, I'm Praveen Kumar S

An independent developer, freelancer and maker.

SocialBobNews's journey started not 3 months ago, but 8 years back with the creation of the TheReader app, my first foray into news aggregation. It was a tool I built for myself - a simple rss based news aggregator that worked well for me.

Over time, the needs changed. The world became more connected, the data grew exponentially. TheReader was good, but I realized it could be better. I wanted an intelligent tool that didn't just aggregate but also understood my preferences and reduce my time consuming news.

Fast forward to today, and that's what SocialBobNews is. It's an evolution of the TheReader app, enhanced with AI to tailor the news feed to your interests. It's about making sure that you spend your time reading the news that really matters to you and save you from doom scroll.

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